Hot Air Balloon Ride Terms and Conditions

  1. General Conditions of Sale :
    In the event of flight cancellation due to bad weather tickets are refundable at a handling cost of 10 per ticket if the purchasor resides outside of France. For purchasors residing in France, tickets are non-refundable and bear a validity of one year from the date of issue.
  2. Rates :
    All prices are quoted in EUROS, including VAT and include insurance. In the event of a refund, refunds will be made in EUROs without any adjustment for fluctuations in exchange rates.
  3. Confirmation of Reservation :
    INDIVIDUALS: Reservations are made by internet. Upon receipt of payment, the client will be sent a flight voucher, required for boarding.
    GROUPS: For groups of 8 people or more, reservations will be confirmed in writing, accompanied by a deposit of 30% of the total group price. The remainder of the total price is due, at latest, 10 days before the flight date. Total price due will be based on the number of participants listed at 15 days prior to flight date.
  4. Cancellation :
    Our partner reserves the right to cancel a flight due to unsuitable weather conditions, insufficient security or if the minimum number of participants is not attained. Such a cancellation may be necessary on the day of the flight and shortly prior to take-off; in this event, neither Paris Net nor its partner are liable for any of the expenses incurred in respect of travel or accommodation associated with the flight.
    INDIVIDUAL CLIENTS : In the event of cancellation by the client less than 48 hours prior to the flight, or of failure to check in at the take-off site, the ticket will be considered as used.
    GROUPS : If cancellation notice is received 60 days prior to flight date, the full deposit will be refunded; 50% of the deposit will be refunded for 30 days cancellation notice. We are unable to refund any deposit whatsoever for cancellation notice received less than 10 days prior to flight date.
  5. Payment :
    Clients must be in possession of a valid ticket issued by the pilot in order to board our balloons. In its capacity as a passenger flight operator, our partner is bound by the conditions of the Warsaw Convention. Pilots have sole command of the balloon and of its passengers. As such, they are authorised to request disembarkation of any passenger or of any object which may compromise health, safety or order on board.
  6. Litigation :
    Any dispute, conflict, failure to settle monies due or other problems arising in relation to the service provided, will be settled between the client and our partner by the Tribunal at Auxerre, France, with the exception of incidents involving public law and order, which will be settled by the appropriate authority.
  7. Insurance :
    Included in the price ticket for each passenger is the cost of civil liability insurance relative to the balloons operatee. Insurance coverage is equivalent to the amounts required by the Warsaw Convention, in relation to the transport of passengers by air. Objects accompanying passengers are not covered by our insurers.
  8. Flight Operating Conditions :
    Flights are undertaken within the limitations of VFR (Visual Flight Rules, as defined by the regulations of the civil aviation authority - DGAC). Our partner is fully recognised by the civil aviation authority for the commercial transport of passengers by decree of December 2nd 1997.
  9. Sub-contracters :
    In each of the flight regions proposed, our partner reserves the right to sub-contract flights to other companies with whom we have established specific arrangements.
  10. PARIS NET - and its owner, Karma Labs Inc., take no responsibility for any disputes or claims resulting from the client's transaction with our Hot Air Balloon travel service provider. Karma Labs makes no guarantees concerning its partners.