Le Procope

Le Procope Paris
13, Rue de l’Ancienne de Comedie
75006  Paris
Tel: +33 (0)1 40 46 79 00
Daily: 11:00 –01 :00
Established in 1686, three centuries ago Le Procope was the meeting place of intellectuals who came to partake of the newly discovered beverage known as coffee. Its regulars over the years have included Diderot, George Sand, Victor Hugo, Oscar Wilde and Voltaire, who is said to have consumed 40 cups of coffee a day in the café. Other visitors included Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Rousseau, and a young Napoleon. Today Le Procope is a restaurant better known for its historical artifacts than its cuisine. But it's open late and while dining on standard bistrot fare like coq au vin, steak au poivre and grilled fish, you’ll be able to enjoy the 18th century atmosphere and appreciate the artifacts that decorate the rooms and walls of this historic French monument.